Qsprouter, Easy Personal Seed Sprouter, for Home & Office, BPA Free

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This QSprouter seed sprouter can be useful for growing sprouts. 

It can also serve as a nice decoration on the desk top. Use one of these sprouters on the office desk to bring in some green impression to the office. Whenever you need a break for heavy work, you can always have somewhere to look at. It's nice to have it next to the computer screen. 

Each sprouter set has 4 tiers, from the bottom, base, tray 1, stand off, tray 2. The first tray is the tray for sprouting seeds, while tray 2 is used as the cover for the seeds. When watering place the whole assembly under the tap water and flush gently through the top tray. Move around the sprouter. It will remove the smell from the seeds quickly. Otherwise, you can also place the seed tray, tray 1, in a sink of water. Simply submerge the tray 90% into the water and move up a few times. 

The sprouting tray is designed to have slots with the Chinese Bagua pattern. The function of the slots is for water draining. By integrating the Bagua pattern into the slot layout, this sprouter becomes a unique container that has one of the most known ancient wisdom integrated in it. 

The location of the QSprouter logo (6-o'clock orientation of the right picture above), located on the side of the top rim that has the symbols of water and earth stand for self-sustaining with uninterrupted incoming fortune. Most users like to have this logo facing themselves or the entrance of the office. With a hope of positive energy brought in by the ancient Chinese Bagua design. 

One can use the dividers to layout interesting figures for their sprouts to increase the fun of seed sprouting. Four dividers can place placed in the eight slots in the tray with any combination, 1, 2, 3 or 4, to form divisions for different seeds or seeds start at different times. 

Product Size: Diameter 11.4 cm (4.5 inch), Height 10.5 cm (4.15 inch)

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