CHIMEI Fruit Cakes (Pineapple, Mango, Longan), 奇美鳳梨酥, 芒果酥, 桂圓酥, Sent by DHL

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Made by the finest pineapples, the pure wheat germ and filled with fibrous pineapple filling. 

The crispy crust is also made from the selected eggs and butter, enhanced with a balanced skin and filling ratio by the special "CHIMEI GOLDEN” baking method.

Now you can enjoy the CHIMEI  fruit cake made from the indigenous sun-ripened pineapples of Taiwan.

3 different flavors for your choice - pineapple, mango, longan.

Goods produced in Taiwan, to ensure you the best taste, we ship the product by DHL, normally you will receive it in 2-3 days after order confirmed. (exclude the public holiday)

Fix freight charge Usd30 for same shipment, free shipping from 2 to 8 Boxes. (USA Market Only)

(For quantity more than 8 boxes, we have to separate to another shipment).

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